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        Main features of thin film switch

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        1, small and light: the weight of the general film switch is a few grams to dozens of grams, very easy to carry and disassembly;

        2, beautiful: modern perfect screen printing technology, with perfect design, you can make any pattern you need;

        3, sealing: the use of special technology, can make the film switch with waterproof, oil, pollution, anti-static interference and other functions;

        4. Excellent electrical conductivity: the circuit of the switch can be printed with carbon pulp, silver pulp, copper and platinum, and the conductive layer can be folded freely; And the resistance can be controlled in any resistance you want, and, using special technology, made of thin film switch can even accept tens of thousands of volts of high voltage electric shock without damage to its function;

        5, low cost: the price of some membrane switches is even only a few cents, relative to a product with such a multifunctional electronic components, its price advantage is not other similar products can achieve.

        6, long service life: because the material used by the film switch has good insulation, heat resistance, flexural resistance and high resilience;

        In addition, the printing of the pattern adopts reverse printing, so that the screen printing pattern will not be damaged; Therefore, the service life of membrane switches can generally be more than three years.

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