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        What are the advantages of membrane switches

        Time:2021-12-16 11:55:07 Click:631second

        1, small size, light weight and reliable structure
        Membrane switch keyboard in the design of permutation and combination into film, its setting density is big, and it is made up by multilayer film sealed chip type structure, all cables between switches and lead by screen printing is one-time completed, the total thickness in 1 ~ 3 mm, narrow the volume, therefore, reduce the quality, improve the reliability.

        2, colorful and beautiful appearance
        Membrane switch can be based on the user's design idea, in the design of color patterns reflect personalized, in the decorative effect of the body to show the comprehensive characteristics of the beauty of material, decoration and process.

        3. Durability
        The life of the membrane switch can generally reach more than a million times, the reason for such a long life is that the switch action is only realized by the vertical movement of the elastic film. Although the elastic film after millions of peristalsis, but because of the creep amplitude is very small, only 0.1~0.3mm (both switching stroke), in addition to the rationality of material selection, far from reaching the yield limit of the film, so the film material can withstand more than one million times of life without deformation. On the other hand, the switch contact is vertical contact, wear is very small; And screen printing contacts can z7FDS form enough thickness, and in the silver paste contact in the printing of a layer of conductive carbon, in order to achieve the purpose of high wear resistance, self-lubrication, so the life of the film switch, than the mechanical contact switch tens of times more.

        4, good sealing performance
        Because the membrane switch is the overall sealing structure, the switch contacts are not corroded by harmful gases, not easy to oxidize; With waterproof and dustproof characteristics, so more suitable for all kinds of harsh environment.

        The above is the advantages of membrane switch, there is a need for membrane switch can contact us.

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