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        What kind of membrane switch is better

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        Membrane switch mask material most of all take polyester material, the first polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polycarbonate (PC), polyester (PET) three kinds of material, three kinds of good or bad, not in accordance with their own needs and choose the film switch. Such as: bending life, chemical resistance, wear resistance, insulation, window transparency, drum clarity, temperature level, uv resistance as reference data for selection. For the plastic film between the pieces exactly how to separate, is now borrowing the lack of the same scale. According to the difference of its thickness, whether it is divided into film, sheet metal war plate. According to the definition of German DIN55405 scale, the thickness of less than 1.5mm is called film, and the thickness of more than 1.5mm is called plate. Is used to the thickness of 0.3mm as follows is called the film, the thickness of 0.3-0.7 is called the sheet, 0.8mm is called the plate. Because the nameplate process is made, the thickness of the general take infinite, usually used to take the film membrane collectively referred to as the film.
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