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        Structure type of membrane switch

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        There are mainly ordinary plane shape, with shrapnel feel, without shrapnel feel, up and down line combination, up and down line with shrapnel feel. In addition, there are waterproof and anti-static membrane switch. Waterproof type: after adding a seal ring around to complete the waterproof effect, this type of membrane switch on each layer of glue requirements are relatively high, and in the assembly process can not bubble, in the design process do not have air groove to the outside world, to achieve the waterproof effect. Anti-static: mainly through a main line to connect it with the guest's machine, the line of the machine is directly connected to the ground, to achieve the effect of releasing static electricity.

        One, ordinary plane shape
        Two, with shrapnel feel
        Three, without shrapnel feel
        Four, up and down line combination
        Five, up and down the line with shrapnel feel
        Six. Waterproof model
        Seven, anti - static membrane switch structure

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