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        How long is the service life of membrane switch panel

        Time:2022-01-06 14:51:38 Click:739second

        Membrane switch panel in the use of different environment, the service life is what? Here we will introduce to you.

        The production process of film switch is mainly to print conductive circuit, print panel layer picture commodity LOGO, punching bag, sealing and other processes. No matter what type of switch on goods play the most fundamental effect is the effect of power and power, in this function together, without affecting the basic function of the condition, we continue to develop the multi-function switch, film switch is the most representative switch in the trade of goods.

        Membrane switch

        Compared with the button switch, the membrane switch not only has the effect of the button switch power off and energized, but also has the decoration function that other switch goods do not have. With screen printing technology printed switch panel layer, select specific ink and printing technology with the mutual cooperation, so that the panel layer printed on the picture has a long time does not change color, strong absorption of the data itself.

        The service life of the membrane switch will vary according to the changes in the environment, polycarbonate PC and PVC materials produced by the membrane switch, from the key point of view of more than 5000000 times, and from the data to the damage time is usually 3-10 years. In all respects, it has more material than any other switch (push button switch). Whether in the production technology, the quality of goods, planning appearance is still the most basic characteristics have been greatly improved.

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